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How to Podcast Event in Berlin!

Saturday 23 June from 10.00 - 18.00

The producers of Artipoeus walk you through the basics of podcasting.
In this one-day workshop, users learn how to

Choose a format (single host, dialog, etc)
Find a story
Plan an episode schedule
Interviewing basics
Record & edit audio
How to use music to make your story more dynamic
Podcast hosting platforms
Distribution & promotion
Monetizing options
You'll walk away with the first episode of your new podcast!

One-day course structure


Introduction and examples of great audio
Writing, delivering and recording scripts
Conducting interviews
Use of music and sound effects
Practical exercises throughout

Importing and project management
Editing and mixing – including individual feedback and assistance
Output and sharing/publishing
Playback of finished podcasts or work in progress

Participants are welcome to bring lunch or explore lunch-time options in the area. Tea, coffee and snacks are included PLUS special bonus material from Fireside!

Participants should bring an audio recording device (e.g. smartphone, mike or Zoom recorder) as well as a laptop (and headphones) onto which the audio can be saved for editing.

Simple audio editing software (e.g. Audacity, Reaper or Garageband) should be installed and tested in advance.