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About the Show

Artipoeus takes listeners on a journey through the world of art, from the biggest museums to the graffiti in the streets, exploring how we use art to cope with the world around us, and discovering the art in us all. Because art is everywhere.

Artipoeus is in its fourth year of production, with this season’s theme focused on digital art Minority Report: how do 21st Century algorithms affect 20th Century "isms" (e.g., racism, sexism, bigotry, etc)?

Every season has a theme, and exhibits are loosely chosen based on that season’s theme:

Season 3 (21 episodes) : THE ART OF WAR / Immigration and Identity The role of the artist in wartime and the impact of art on war / Starting life all over again, once more, with feeling

Season 2 (68 episodes) : IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD / The Long Goodbye Feminism, Female Artists and the persistence of patriarchy / Moving cities

Season 1 (35 episodes) : LET THEM EAT CAKE / The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Social and gender inequality in France / Love American-Style in the French Capital

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